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Registration Agreement


This Code of Conduct (CoC) is the ruling text for all areas of Calamity Refuge. If there is an area managed by the site, the CoC is in force in that location and cannot be ignored. It does not claim to have any influence outside of the site boundaries, and events that occur externally have no bearing with our staff on member standing within the site.


CoC 1. Discrimination, as well as slurs and hate-speech, is prohibited. Please do not attack or harass another member, even privately. Two members mutually satisfied with kidding around is fine, but if someone requests that harassment stops, it will be the end of it.

CoC 2. Impersonation is a banable offense. A member is limited to one account, puppets and shared accounts are disallowed. Administrators may have an additional, clearly-labelled, testing account. Automated bot accounts require administrator approval.

CoC 3. Links to where software can be illegally obtained, piracy sites, criminal organisations, and promotion of other extreme or violent activities is not permitted.

CoC 4. Do not post or link content that is considered disturbing, disgusting, erotic, or pornographic in nature. We already know where to find that.

CoC 5. Please observe the guidelines for appropriate posting areas:
   • Most topics are permitted in the General board, although if a topic is better suited to another board, it should be placed there.
   • The RP Board should only contain threads relating to RP, RPG ideas and questions, IC, and OoC threads.
   • The Spam board is the most lenient and can contain nonsense and posting games, but all topics must have a point to avoid being locked.
   • Any questions or comments about the chat or chat services go in the Ligrev's Lounge board.
   • All game boards can only contain threads about their respective games. Threads about all other games can go in the General board.

CoC 6. Doxxing in all forms is prohibited. Please do not reveal personal information about another member without the express permission of the other member.

CoC 7. Heated discussions between consenting members must take place privately. Please message a staff member if you need help stopping a private argument.

CoC 8. If we determine you post a threat to the existence of Calamity Refuge or any of its members, you will be banned instantly and permanently.

CoC 9. Do not link to files or web pages that are high-risk for triggering epilepsy.

Chat Specific:

Ch 1. I know we have a diverse group of people with a diverse set of moral standards and tastes. Our rules have been made to let the chat be lax when everyone on the chat wants it to be lax and family friendly when someone wants it that way. Those of you who are lax, please honour the requests of those who are not. All members (who are not currently banned) are welcome in the chat at any time. Rest assured, you will not interrupt or disturb anyone and rooms are available for events such as RP planning. For the most part, the chat is uncensored. That said, if swearing, flaming, or insulting are requested to be stopped by someone, their wishes should be respected.

Ch 2. Content of a strange or lewd nature that has been disallowed by CoC 4 are permitted in the chat, but they must clearly be marked "NSFW" and can never be auto-thumbnailed, and must be place in #dumpsterfire. Gore, graphic violence, and content that is wholly unreasonable is never permitted. You can use < and > around your text to prevent Discord from auto-previewing.


The top of the authority roster is an administrative council of three people who embody the site. They are selected from the moderation staff by the existing administrators, or the arch-administrator in the event of no other administrators. The role of this group is to ensure the continuity of Calamity Refuge by developing services and events that the membership is interested in and destroying ones that are no longer needed. At least two thirds of them need to be in agreement on any disputes or crises.

The moderation team is composed of people selected from the membership by the administration. Their numbers will vary depending on the size and activity of the member base. Their primary function is to ensure the well-treatment of the members by enforcing the CoC, suggesting ideas, and doing things that are of help.

Refuge staff will never kick or ban a member, or be swayed to kick or ban a member, based on a request to do so. It is up to each staff member to interpret this CoC to the best of their ability and apply it to the situation for the fairest result. Appeals about a moderator decision may be made with any administrator, who will accurately report it to the admin board on the 16th floor. Staff terms are indefinite, and a member is listed at their position in the records if they are in that position for the majority of the month.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send a private message through the forums. We love PMs, please send us PMs so we are not depressed. If you do not wish to send a message through the forum, send us an email. All administrators are required to have an email of [their name]

A warning is required to ban you and should be clearly visible and obvious when it occurs. Violation to the CoC must be notated by a staff member in your profile account.

Please do not become banned.

Banning is meant to be used as a last resort. If you are banned, the details of your restrictions, along with when or if the ban will be lifted can be viewed at the index page. Only an administrator may permanently ban or unban members. If a moderator places a temporary ban in an emergency, the question is sent to the administrators to decide the duration.

Calamity Refuge is a private organisation and, as such, the Administration retains the right to terminate member accounts remove and user-submitted information for any reason or no reason at all. Similarly, users may terminate their agreements and leave the site at their sole discretion.

Calamity Refuge does not believe in running unauthorised scripts in users' browsers and, as a result, ads are incompatible with CalRef and won't appear on any site.


By registering and/or participating on the Calamity Refuge (CalRef) site, or any of its hosted affiliates, you agree that:

You at least fourteen years of age. No services or content within CalRef is designed or intended for children under 13 years of age. Requests for membership by individuals under the age of 13 are denied outright. You agree that the information that you submit to this site is accurate and current. You may include, if you so choose, additional information in your profile. You agree to maintain the security of, and not allow others to use, your member name or password. You are responsible for your profile and activities on this CalRef, and it is up to you to decide what information you disclose about yourself, in case it is seen by every Balkan identity thief in the world immediately.

This site is the organisation of a community. The views expressed herein belong to their participants and are not necessarily those of the management and staff of Calamity Refuge. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented. All information posted is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license, and as such may neither be reproduced to be sold nor deleted from our databases if it is culturally significant.

Any information submitted to this site, including user information, comes under the stewardship of CalRef. All information is securely maintained and encrypted. Information submitted to the site may be released when, and only when, a relevant law enforcement agency with the necessary legal authority and jurisdiction compels us to do so. User information is never sold or released to third parties.

The website software places one or more cookies, text files containing bits of information (such as your username and session token), in your browser's cache. These are used only to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer. These cookies are not chocolate chip.